Synephrine HCL

Synephrine HCL is a popular ingredient commonly found in weight loss supplements. Its popularity increased after the use of ephedrine was banned in the United States. Because of its similarities to ephedrine, Synephrine has become one of the top ingredients found in dietary supplements.

Used as an “ALTERNATIVE” for ephedrine, Synephrine provides several of the same benefits as ephedrine, but does not cause near the same amount of “side effects“.


Reduces Appetite
Increases Alertness Fast Results
Burns Fat Increases Metabolism Increases Energy

Synephrine HCL has shown to be an impressive ingredient for helping people lose weight. By increasing energy and alertness Synephrine helps with the needed motivation to continue on an exercise and diet plan. Metabolism is also increased with Synephrine which is the major contributor to the weight loss individuals experience when taking Synephrine.


Increased HR
Upset Stomach

Synephrine is a stimulant similar to caffeine so there are side effects that come with taking Synephrine HCL. People with heart related problems should avoid taking a product that contains Synephrine HCL. It is also important to not take more than what is established on the product label. The side effects associated with Synephrine HCL are minor and can usually be avoided if taken the correct way.

Is Synephrine HCL Safe to Take?

Synephrine HCL is safe as long as you do not take too much of it at one time or take it while on prescription drugs or taking other stimulants. Some people debate whether the benefits of you receive from Synephrine out weigh the risk of taking it. From my experience the weight loss I received while taking Synephrine out weighed the risk. Not only did I lose weight but my blood pressure decreased along with my heart rate.

Synephrine is definitely not ingredient you would want to take consistently and long term but it can provide the motivation and help you need to get started on your weight loss goals. Over a 100 million bottles of supplements containing Synephrine HCL have been sold throughout the world. So far Synephrine has a fairly good record of not causing major side effects.

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